Steiler Ranch
130 Steiler Ranch Rd, Hwy 87 North, 12 miles south of Fredericksburg, 8 miles north of Comfort.

  • From IH-10 take the Hwy 87 North exit near Comfort.
  • Continue North about 8 miles
  • The entrance will be on the left and is marked with a sign, with the name Adolf Steiler over the road entrance. We also have a couple of signs letting you know that we are the "Texican Rangers", and we are ready to do some "Cowboy Action Shooting"! It looks like this. When you turn in, continue past the historic home and barns. There are 3 gates to pass through, and if you have to open one, PLEASE close it after going through! This is a working ranch, and there is livestock present at all times. Please be considerate of the land owner!

For our pards with GPS:

The ranch road entrance from US 87 is:

30 deg 05 min 39.56 sec North
98 deg 55 min 26.47 sec West

And the HQ is:

30 deg 05 min 08.77 North
98 deg 55 min 34.83 West



You can download a bigger map here (PDF Document)